Ron Stewart is a Somatic Sex Educator, a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and is currently Vice President of the Somatic Sex Educators Association of Canada. Through his work, he wants to see the world change from a culture of silence about bodies, sex, and pleasure to one of honest dialogue, conversation, and personal empowerment. He regards Somatic Sex Education and the potential towards our culture’s deeper authentic understanding of pleasure and creative erotic energy to be a key towards deep earth healing.

As Co-founder of Back to the Body sensual retreats for women, Ron has led 35 women’s retreats since 2011 and offered 700 sessions, helping women to learn more about their bodies, pleasure and reclaiming erotic confidence. These immersion retreats teach attendees to treasure themselves, divine their own wants and desires and to then, bask in arousal.

His studies in Somatic Experiencing facilitate Ron’s skills of attunement and ability to explore and guide clients to unwinding trauma held in the body.

Ron’s background as a yoga teacher, founding Skyclad in 2005, as well as his history as one of Canada’s prominent male contemporary dance artists invite creativity, strong mind/body awareness and playful curiosity into his sessions and approach to his work. Exploring wellness and healing through discovery of pleasure.

His practice is open to a wide range of clients.