Each client is asked to fill in an intake form, which invites the client to share their history and current experience, as well as their intention for our work together.

After the client emails the intake form, we schedule a Skype call to clarify any questions and affirm that we are both comfortable and in agreement about working together.

Each session begins with a short check-in. Check-in is an essential part of the session and is an opportunity for clients to address what has been happening for them, any insights, reflections or thoughts.

If touch is part of the program, and massage is the natural course for a session to follow, my practice includes utilizing Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent. The Wheel is a beautiful model to help explain, demonstrate, and embody empowered consent, directions of touch, choice, and voice.

I travel to work with clients in the location of their choice, or welcome clients to my home studio and private retreat center in Cobble Hill, on Southern Vancouver Island.
Our property is quiet, private and nestled in the woods. Close enough to Victoria International Airport (YYJ)  and local BC Ferry Terminals to be convenient, yet remote enough to provide the setting for transformation and self discovery.

Every session is unique, and developed based on my extensive experience as a Somatic Sex Educator and the client’s needs, desires, and intention. Depending on the client’s intention and focus, sessions may take place as a series scheduled over time, or can be condensed into a private retreat held over two to four days.

Due to the intimate nature of this work, I strongly recommend committing to a series of five sessions. This gives us the opportunity to build a working relationship which is built on trust and understanding. From such a comfortable place your body softens and pleasure is more fully accessible. With multiple sessions, those newly- discovered areas, sensations, and curiosities can be thoroughly and safely explored, from discovery to resolution and clarity. Through this intimate, physical work, the learning happens in your body, we work at a pace which your body is able to receive and integrate information. This is not cerebral, textbook learning, but a delicate unfolding of new experiences and understandings which evolve into new ways of being present in your body.

There are many reasons people work with me, some of these include:

Embrace pleasure, fun, and eroticism safely
Unite sex and spirit
Experience g-spot massage
Explore delight with the body you have
Relax and receive exquisite touch
Become orgasmic or more orgasmic
Broaden desire and pleasure
Discover sexual expression after confirmation surgery
Practice boundary-setting — feeling, negotiating, setting
Create relationship intimacy through erotic massage
Recover from traumatic history of unwanted touch
Develop and practice vocabulary
Practice asking for what you want
Share and discuss intimate aspects of your sexuality
Embrace sex without pelvic pain
Learn to give and receive pleasure and touch for lovers
Recover sexual functioning and pleasure after childbirth, genital, pelvic or breast surgery, or after trauma
Accept and love one’s body, gender, and sexuality
Understand anal pleasure
Release habitual patterns or “scripts”
Enter erotic trance states
Coach in breath, movement, and sound
Or for other reasons, particularly when referred by a therapist, doctor, social worker, massage therapist, or other medical practitioner