Redefining “Happy Endings”

We all have an understanding of the phrase “happy ending”.
A massage which ends with orgasm, a hand job. Usually the privilege is reserved for men.

The phrase often attracts uncomfortable or knowing glances and giggles, raised eye brows and nodding heads. It seems that the happy ending is reserved solely for the individual receiving, while others’ carry some attitude of displeasure or shaming.

As a Certified Sexological Bodyworker I offer massage that can include moving erotic energy. On occasion, my work includes the classic “happy ending” for men, and women. But it also includes endings where people have breakthroughs in understanding themselves physically, spiritually and emotionally as well as erotically. Breakthroughs which lead to empowered individuals, stronger sex lives and successful relationships.
Lives change in seismic ways.
These are extraordinary Happy Endings.
There are often smiles, tears… and laughter.

I work with men and women who have experienced sexual abuse, who suffer from genital numbness or have genital scarring. I work with people who seek practical sex education, exploring touch, sensation, role play, intimacy, nurturing, and boundary setting. I work with men who are wanting to explore ways around erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
I work with single moms who, after the children are grown, want to rediscover their erotic potential before entering the juggernaut of online dating.

They are bold, strong people who are not afraid of being vulnerable or asking tough questions. They express their desires and hold curiosities and dreams. Men, women and couples who choose to include a somatic sex educator to help manoeuvre this terrain through coaching, movement classes and hands on body work.

Happy endings look like positive shifts in understandings, behaviors and experiences based on intentions, desired outcomes and practices. It’s a yoga of sorts, a union of mindfulness and practice which, through neural plasticity gives us all the capacity to change patterns and responses to stimulus. By inviting change we learn and grow to be more capable of cultivating deep love, from which, evolves healthy whole communities.

Happy Ending