My Dearest Ron, for over a year I have been hearing an angel whisper in my ear, “Dance, Anne. Dance.” I had shut down my dance department, for the purpose of shameful hiding. You can’t dance and hide at the same time. I knew that these whispers were a beckoning to heal, flourish and be a divine and joyful expression of life, to honor myself and celebrate. To do it well is to be shame-free, and to enjoy being seen.

Ron, thank you for gently and lovingly inspiring and encouraging me to dance, in our morning sessions, on your magic work bench, and from within. In your presence I felt so safe, honored, nurtured, loved, beautiful and worthy. The space that you prepared and held for me was completely nourishing, intimate, encouraging and so very sexy. My spirit and my body began a subtle sway and undulation that gives me hope, joy and a sexy feeling. Though I am not there yet, I feel my petals opening one by one, and hope is growing that I will soon be a vibrant, colorful, fully blossomed expression of exuberance, and that I will truly love and appreciate my body so much that I will not be able to contain the dancing.

Your touch was comforting and exhilarating, and though you encouraged the speaking of my desire, I know that your intuition is keen and accurate, your moves and your touch so skilled, erotic and innocent, whatever my body called for in the moment. … You moved me around your table with ease and grace; I felt light and beautiful. The response that your spirit and body work invoked in me surprised and delighted me. The experience was deeply spiritual for me, Ron. I am now more keenly aware of the power behind speaking my desires both sexually and in my life. And presenting myself with opportunity for erotic pleasure is a powerful practice in that this energy can be transmuted into the manifestation of my dreams. Making space for the indulgence of my pleasure is about not just sexual kicks, but the expression of my divinity and self worth as a woman.

Not only was the gift of sensual arousal and release delivered, and the ensuing healing and flourishing, but so lavishly by a lovely man who is the embodiment of the divine dance, and who expresses so beautifully through his passionate creativity and eagerness to invoke the potent healing powers of pleasure and speaking desire. I have been given such a lovely, powerful and unforgettable gift. I am grateful. And I thank you.