I met Ron at a time in my life when I was going through much emotional upheaval and when I believed that I was broken. There was something missing from my sexual life, but I had no idea how to “fix” me.  Ron and I first met at a three day mini-retreat in New York.  I had never experienced touch that was so reverent, respectful and focused on me.  I left that experience changed, and feeling more whole than I ever have in my life.  I then went on to work with Ron over three retreats.  After working with Ron I learned several things:
1. I’m not broken and in fact my body is extremely responsive to erotic touch
2. I learned that I’m sexy and powerful in my own skin
3. I learned that taking time for me is not selfish as it increases my capacity for love – both of myself and of others
4. I learned that I am beautiful
and sooo much more!

Ron’s unique ability to connect and support helped me to resolve the disconnect that I had with my body.  I am so grateful to Ron for these amazing erotic experiences that have truly transformed my life.  My personal and sensual experiences are deeper and richer since working with Ron, and I realize the capacity my body has for pleasure.  With Ron’s help my heart was opened so wide to others and all of my experiences have been beautiful!

Thank you Ron – the healing power of touch is amazing!