The following is a series of journal entries, published with permission. The client received three Sexological Bodywork Sessions in a two day personal retreat. Sessions and retreats are designed to fit the needs, desires and curiosities of individual clients. So I traveled to NYC today to start this mini-retreat to explore my sexuality. There is … Read more

We all have an understanding of the phrase “happy ending”. A massage which ends with orgasm, a hand job. Usually the privilege is reserved for men. The phrase often attracts uncomfortable or knowing glances and giggles, raised eye brows and nodding heads. It seems that the happy ending is reserved solely for the individual receiving, … Read more

Often, when we think about nudity, we associate it with sex. Mention of nude or Skyclad Yoga often gets met with raised eyebrows or comments like “Oh, it must an orgy!”. Having created opportunities for people to participate in Skyclad Yoga for 8 years, I have seen no sign of the sexual mayhem people seem … Read more

Walking along the estuary at Witty’s Lagoon last week I was struck by a thought. I love metaphor and use it wherever possible, it seems an easier way to get an idea across, right brain communication. My thought was this. An estuary is like the space between a retreat experience and our daily life. Where … Read more