As for a testimonial:  words cannot express my experiences with you and the pleasure I experienced as well as the attuning to my body  but here goes….

I have worked with Ron during three separate retreat settings over the past several years. Words cannot express my gratitude for the experiences that I had with him. As a woman over 60 years old with an extensive history of childhood sexual abuse and trauma, I was initially skeptical and fearful.

As we spent time together before, during and after the sessions, I found Ron to be ethical, respectful, intelligent, sensitive, and attuned to my body, mind, and spirit. He is a person of integrity and wisdom that touched me deeply.  He held sacred safe space that enabled me to move beyond my limitations and expand into an embodied state of pleasure and ecstasy. I was able to be present in my body, to feel things that I had never felt before, while I relaxed and soared into the heavens. Laughter, tears, insight and awareness flowed as I released grief, shame, fear and guilt around my sexuality. As I learned to listen to my body and tune into the subtle emotions and sensations, I felt a sense of wholeness, peace, and well-being. I came to claim myself with a new mantra: MY POWER, MY PLEASURE, MY PUSSY.

Ron facilitated trans formative experiences that were integrative, life enhancing, and memorable. I highly recommend him as a person, a practitioner, a coach, and an experimental safe guide to the erotic realms. He provides a setting of exploratory safety that is supportive and balanced our sessions in an encouraging, pleasurable manner. Arousal, desire, erotic self-knowledge, sexual awakening and opening to a bigger YES were the result of our interactions. I am eternally grateful and “changed for the better”.